April 10, 2011

Here I Go

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Setelah bercuti 2 hari, baru aku ada mood nak tulis panjang-panjang entry kali ni. Maybe because I'm going back to my 'beloved' hostel tomorrow -__-" Oemjayy. What a short holiday. I still wanna stay at home. Wasting my time with blogging, fb, tv, eat-a-lot and having chat with my mum. I'll miss to do that. I wish my clock will tick slowly so I can do all the things before tomorrow. This is life. I have to accept that time is running faster and never walk behind. Pfftt. Somebody please help me. I need someone to talk to now. I need someone who really wanna hear my problem sincerely and do something to make me feel better :| I need a warm hug. Unfortunately, It's just a dream for now. I just realize that everyone have their own life and have to focus on that and I'm not soooooooo that important.

Seriously I don't wanna go back to that 'ketat' school tomorrow ): I don't wanna meet LDPs everytime everhour and everyday. Pleaseeee go away lahh. Everybody hve their own style and know how to handle it. Just create something better for me and others so that we can live there happily. What if I treat you like you treat me everyday. I'm sure You would hate me. Please give me your sweet smile on your face. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm begging pleaseeee. Pfftt giving up. I'll try not to think a-lot about this problem. After this, I just wanna focus on my study and leave all my problems behind. No more tears. Chin up stand tall and never give up. Gain for success. Like my brother and my mum said

"gila kuasa. Jgn ikut game dorg. Kalau korg sakit hati dorg menang. Sooo buat bodo je. "Pegi mampos la nak kne pandang slack,bukan org suka ldp pon''.kan? SPM lg penting daripada emotional war for now. Kuatkan lah mental anda" - brother

"Lupakan semua tu. Kalau ada problems lagi lps ni, nanti mak call cikgu okay? Mak nak akk fokus study je utk skrng (:" - mum

Thanks to Along and Mum. Okay forget about LDP and let we proceed with other point of story. Fyi, I already had finished my postponed exam on last wed. Tersangat-sangat lah lega. But I'm getting so-so-sooooo nervous with my result. Mybe because I had studied at eleventh hour. For now, I just got 4 papers. Bio 71 A- Bm 73 Math 88 A Pai 89. Hurmm No commnt. I really-really-really dissapointed with my addmath. Sooo sorry Cikgu Nasri :( I'll try harder on the next becoming exam. Oemjayy Final exam is just around the corner. Do pray for me okay? I hope I can get 3.5 above. Amin. Lepas ni aku dah tak busy dah untuk study sebabnye basketball dah habis game. But I'll miss all that. Sobsobsob

To my dearest friends, I'm sooo-soooo sorry with all my mistakes. Lately, I being too emotional. Maybe because I got a-lot-of-problems to think in my head. And I forgot to be a goooood friend. What a 'nice' friend. I'll try not to be so sensitive later. I'll try not to hurt your hearts again again and again. Insyaallah. I do love you friends. Thanks for everything. Let we strive for excellent so that LDPs will close their mouths and smile always. Maybe.

P/s : Imy and I wish you luck penguin.


nnisa azizan said...

yes.syu .. just ignore about LDPs.FOCUS oke ? SPM more important.GUD LUCK dear ! :)

chuare (: said...