July 30, 2011

Live your life Bebehh

Hellooo Earthlings *wink wink

Sudah lama Chu tak mengarang ayat panjang-panjang dalam blog ni Hihi Rindu lah pulak. Terasa bersawang. Okay, I'll clean up this blog by posting this entry so it won't be 'berswang' again. Whats up you guys? I hope all of my readers are fine right now and same goes to me here. Fyi, I feel great at home :D Far away from Penjara Taiping Hahaha But I miss my girlfriends Sobsob.

Almost 2months Chu tak balik rumah and I were in Mjsc Taiping. A lot of things happened as the time passes by. Ladies Night. Pre-Trial. Friendship Night. Activity Week. Mock Interview. Buat saya rasa Gembira. Sedih. Terharu. Gelabah. Penat. Keliru. Susah. Senang. Suka hati Hihihi

Ladies Night

Everyone seemed beautiful and 'ayu' that night. Berbaju kurung, berjubah dan bergaya tidak terkira without men haha Thanks to Exco Puteri who had organized the sweetest night to all of the princess of MJSC Taiping. Very appreciate it.


I felt soooooo "Happy like want to go to the heaven" when it's over haha 2 weeks were so long for me. The papers were so hard. I felt like i'm an idiot and daft when I answerd all the papers especially in Physics paper. Pffft I'm so sure I'll get my Pre-Trial results by nextweek. Okay Forget it. Let bygone be bygone. Try to improve yourself harder in future bebeh Chuare :D

Friendship Night

That night was great :D Semua orang nak bergaya sakan malam ni. Theme Rock The Seasons. Good job PEERS. Big claps for you guys *Clapping Hihihi The lesson for the night is we must appreciate our friends in every single day. So I would like to annouce here that I really love my Friends so much. Muah muah haha

Activity week

I like Activity week. I don't have to use my brain to "perah" it for studying because there's no time to study. No more books. But I felt sad when I realised that was the last Activity Week in my life as a MRSM student. Sobsob I'll miss Activity week. Mini Super dah habis. Satria won and Perkasa kalah :/ Hihi Sukan ni dah buat muka Chu burned. Haiyoooo -.- Pasar malam byk mggu ni, tpi satu pun Chu tak pergi. I had no money lah haha Goooodbye Activity Week *Waving hand isk isk

Mock Interview

Fuhhh Chu rasa sangat lega bila Mock Interview dah habis. Walaupun Chu performed agak teruk -.- haha Lantaklah, Janji dah lepas. Alhamdulillah (:

OMG, Trial is just around the corner. Left a month. After raya I'm going to face the biggest examntion which is Trial MARA Sijil Paling Mudah in the world :D Haha "Mudah" lah sangat. Okay cara nak sejukkan hati sebenarnya. From now on, I'll struggle to achieve what I want. No more play2. I really want that Straight 9As. Insyaallah. And one more important thing, Bulan Ramadhan akan menjelma. Lagi berapa hari je lagi. Wahh Masa berlalu sangat laju. As fast as rabbit hahaha. Saya nak kurus bulan ni. Korang bagaimana? Hiihii Okaylah, Cukuplah kut panjang ni. I think my blog tak bersawang dah Hoooooooooray!

Tonight's activities

Finish up my Sweet Homework
Movie Marathon until late morning
Make Chocolate Cake with my beloved mum and sista

Stop Feeling Bad. It will all get better eventually (:

Buhbyeee sweetie

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