August 07, 2011


Hellooooooo yo alls :)

*hiiiipppdeduuuu. Guess what? Today I'm going back to MJSC Taiping. Hoorayyyy ! Haahaa Macam tu lah sgt -.- Okay fine. Bulan Ramadhan, seminggu had passed by. Time is running faster as fast as rabbit. Omegod. I hope that time'll tick slowly so that I can do a lot of thngs that I wanna do. So that I can have much time to digest all of the 'ilmu' and read SPM's book sampai khatam without no one topic left. After this, I really want to study hard. No time to play play. No time to spend a lot of time to solve just a small problm. No time to cry a lot. No time for lepak-ing. No time to laugh too much. No time to gossip. Do more Ibadah. Just struggle for my Trial which is left 3 weeks from now. I got 9 subjects to cover all of the topics. To read 9 books page by page. Falling in love with my SPM's boooks is sooo wonderful *wink wink. Wah saya sangat beruntung, I got a lot of Boyfriends. Korang ada? Tee-hee :D

The only thing that I must do is struggling for my Trial

Wish me luck Yo Alls.

Lots of Love Muahh



tia fatiha said...

spm tahun nie ? samalah ngan tia . huhu . good luck taw :)

dill said...

You'll be fine. insyaallah :)


asnizaziz said...

gud luck dear! spm kacang je..hehe XD

chuare (: said...

Tiaaa Tq (: Youu too Goodluck !

chuare (: said...

Insyaallah. TQ Dillll

chuare (: said...

aAsni, Yeahh memang kacang hahhaa