September 02, 2011

Not Now bebehh

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hey people, I'm happy now. Yes I am. Very happy with my new life. I have a lot of friends. I have girlfriends that really care about me. I have family who will always be with me all the time. I don't cry at late night anymore. I don't think about him or her too much. I do eat a lot. I laugh too much. I keep on smilinggggg (: Yes I tell you the truth. Really.

So you guys, don't worry about me. Saya dah besar sebenarnya. To find a new partner is impossible for me now. I know, you guys mesti suka if I have found a new partner, kan?hmm So I'll be happy with him and forget the past. Thanks yo alls. I appreciate it. But for me, Love is not the thing that we need to play play with. One of the thing that really hard for me to find. Not just by blinking of my eyes hahahaa Perkara yang membuatkan saya rasa serius dan tidak boleh diambil mudah Hmm I'm not interested into this anymore for now. I'm not the kind of person that easy to fall in love with someone. I guess -.- Ceewah Bajet je ni haha Dan ia bukan bermakna, I don't let the past go and still hoping on what I wanted. No. The truth is, I am moving on. But I'll always remember the memories. I know one day I'll find my real soulmate. One day (':

Let Love comes by itself bebehhh


Sheera H said...

There you go, strong girl :)

chuare (: said...

Love You :)

ieka :) said...

u go girl!!bagus chu,mkn byak2 taw..tgk ni :)