March 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hyeee peeps !

Alhamdulillah, I've already completed half of my homework just now. I will complete the rest by tonight. Insyaallah if i really want to Hahaha Actually, according to my plans, I need to complete all my homework as soon as possible, then I'll concentrate on my study for becoming exam. Okay stop talking about that 'lovely" homework. OMG exam is just around the corner. I still not ready yet. Somebody PLEASE helppp me! Give me some strength to go through all days. Hurmmm, I still don't have mood for study. Maybe because of me. A girl who really like to play play around with her friends without thinking seriously on her study -_____- A girl who like to worry about her problems without care enough on her examination. Yes it's me. Hurmmm Apa nak jadilah Chuare oiiii. Wake up Chuare. Just left a few days for your exam. Be strong. Don't be too lazy. Nobody wanna marry with a lazy messy girl like you :O

Okay, take it as a lesson. Starting from now, I'll struggle. No more cry, no more joy, no more him, no more no more and no more. Tonight I'm going to revise Physics subject *lots of spirits. Hbu? Hahaha Cepatnya berubah. Okay, berubah memerlukan masa wahai readers :S Act, I'm not feeling well right now. I got scabies. Everytime, I akan garu-garu badan I ni. Pfftttt sangat tidak selesa. Sesungguhnya Tuhan memang nak menguji diri Chu ni. Alhamdulillah, my sins dapat terhapus. What if I extend holiday until Monday or Tuesday? I already have my own reason hihihi *devil. Okay I decide it later lahh. I hope my parents will give me permission to extend my holiday. Amin :D Please pray for me guys? hehe

Hurmm "You", actually, where have you been?I don't know either you read or not this post, but I still confuse with our relationship. I know you love me as your friend only. But where are the old you?Fine, after this, I just assume that you're not interested to be my friend anymore. I will take it happily and will not thinking about it anymore. Let we concentrate on our becoming examination. I'm sorry for everything. I just miss the old you.

"Forget about him, Chuare! Don't be too weak okay. If people don't interested with you anymore, just move on Chuare. You're not the best friend for him ]: and move on is the best way for you"

Okay, I have no idea right now. Enough for today. I still have a lots of works to do. And I dgn selamba badaknya menghabiskan masa yang ada di hadapan belog ini -___- Sungguh tidak menghargai masa sungguh wahai Chuare oii. Thanks for reading. Byeee <3


Akeyla Azmey :) said...

Haii jugak ;p

chuare (: said...


norlilynatasha :) said...

yeayy , good good , satu perubahan yang menakjubkann , jangan sedih sedih lagi okayyy ? just stay strong and keep moving on , okay babyy ;)

little.zirA :) said...

everything happens for a reason. sometimes being strong is the only way. saaayg awak! :) hee.

chuare (: said...

Lily - Thanks for everythingggggg :')

chuare (: said...

Ziraa - I really2 love you.