May 28, 2011

Pretty lie world

Hey Earthlings!

So hows your Hols guys?Haha Baru one day cuti, dah tnya mcm tu. Apelah Chuare :D Homework aku dah mula berjalan. I really want to finish up my hw earlier. So that I can do anythng what I want. Hoorayyyyyy. What a beautiful holiday. I guess.

Just now, I was having a conversation with Najmi. My beloved boyfriend's sista. He told me that 'somebody' will register UIAM today. OMG what a small world. Same U with my big brother. That 'somebody' was my friend -__- The thing that I wanna tell here is, Our Earth is toooo small like an ant. Tak boleh besar lagi ke ha?Hurmmm

P/s : I wish you will always be happy with your new life now and forever. Goodluck.

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