August 28, 2011

For yuu

Everythng was clear yesterday. About them. Saya tak marah dengan semua ni. Saya cuma terkilan. We didn't talk for a long time. Yes true. It was because I just need sometime. I can't talk to you because I'll remember the past. I can't see you just because I'll take a long time to forget everythng about you. When I got to know about you and her, I kept thinking How was your day with her. How was your text to her and her text to you and stuffs. It hurts. Lastly for me, walk away was the best way for me to forget evrythng evntgh it hurts. Felt like "hati di bilah" haha Very funny. The best way for me to accept the fact that I've to move on and enjoy my life Hahah

Soorry for the misunderstood. You've made all clear yesterday. Thank you very much. I know she's just a bestfriend of you. A very close friend. But now, you don't have to worry about me. About what I feel. Cause I know how to handle it. You don't have to scare to have any relationship with someone else one day. Don't feel guilty and let yourself to love and to be loved. I've accept that everyone has heart. A heart that always need someone to care to. To hear, share and solve the problems except me hihi Thanks for everything bebeh (':

If you start to miss me *prasan haha, Remember I don't walk away
I'll always be there for you

-Lots of love


Anonymous said...

missing you already:)

chuare (: said...

hahaha Tah hape-hape