December 17, 2011

Hows life Chuuu?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hyeee peeps :)

Okay macam biasa, nak tanya, korang semua sihat ke? >.< Teehee

Then to me, Hows life Chuuu?Bhahaha. Okay, Let start. Lately, I'm not really interested in updating my blog just because of 'malasssnye tak terkata'. But entah tiba-tiba rasa rajin pulak nak write-a-lot haha Macam keling pulak Chu ni hmm. Eh back to the topic, Now I'm feeling good and happy with my life. Long time no cry macam budak mengada -,- Bhaha Zaman silam. Gooodbye the past tsktsk Gonna miss you and Hello my future :)

I don't think that I'm going to apply any job and take driving licence for now. Eventhough I know a lot of ex-SPM candidates are busy doing jobs and having 'fun' in practicing new skill what we call 'driving' skill. OMG I can't imagine how can I handle a car in the road occupied with big and huge vehicles. Maybe terrible or maybe smooth hmmm Keep wondering -,-". Okay forget about it. Mybe next next year I'll take that driving licence haha Tunggu bila diri rasa matang dan besar kut. Tunggu ye kawan-kawan, nanti Chu bawa pusing Malaysia kalau dapat lesen :D Job? I'm not the mood to be a cashier, waiter or apply any jobs yet. But I really want money. Where to get? -,- hmm Pemalas memang lah tak dapat haha

To all my friends yang dapat offer ke UTM and local university, I would like to say 'Congratulation guys' *Thumbs up. So be prepared all the 'asrama' things and stuff. Not to forget, reset your mind and occupy it with the good things :) Okay sekarang saya pulak rasa nervous haha Tahape hape je. Now I'm just waiting for any letter from MARA or Intec Shah Alam. Really hope to get that. Pray for me ya :') Starting tomorrow, My sister and brother are going to Bukit Fraser for their Orchestra perfomance for a week. Al maklumlah, Merry Christmas nak dekat. So mereka mahu menghiburkan pelancong di sana lah. Kan kan dik? bhaha Papepun, Enjoy with your journey and Take care! Don't forget to bring some 'ole-ole' back ya *muka mengharap hihih

So my house akan jadi sunyi sesunyinya kurr kurr *bunyi cengkerik hehe Kerja makan tido online jelah Chu nanti. By the way, I was planning to go Penang next week. Not sure what day and date. I'm going to sleep at Yan's house. Wahhh Excited ni hehe Nak jalan sama-sama. Nak sleep together-gether >.< Hihi InsyaAllah kalau jadilah. Wanna join? Mai mai sekali :D So thats all. Buhbyeee yo alls. Love you.

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